ISO 31000:2018 Awareness Training cover

ISO 31000:2018 Awareness Training

Traibcert Awareness online course is a comprehensive package that delves into every nook and corner you deserve to know about ISO 31000, including all the erstwhile requirements and pragmatic impeccability for compliance. The course is durably defined for novices who exhibit great affinity towards Risk management and ISO standards.

Instructor: Mrs Nina Ugrinoska

Language: English

Validity Period: 180 days

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Course Objective

The well-documented training resources, organized agendas, planning and outlay materials that have been fastidiously constructed, precisely moulded and systematically presented, have been laboriously authorized by qualified experts in the exclusive domain of advanced tertiary education. The anticipated objective of both the tutors and pedagogues is to pre-dominantly provide the authorized staff with the essential basic knowledge/experience in the ingenuity of ISO 31000 – Risk and to concurrently spawn a suitable platform to fulfil the implementation process, vesting the staff who are conferred with loftier understanding of the management systems approach and the requirements of ISO 31000, consequently affording requisite tools for teams/groups/panels preparing for implementation.

Who can attend the Course

The course is designed to suit all who are interested to play a significant role in the Risk management system of the organization and for those who are responsible for internal management system audits including department managers, supervisors, Risk management team representatives, engineers and administrative staff that have a focus on business improvement, performance and profitability.


This course is exclusively formulated for beginners and for group training sessions in organizations to develop the quality and intrinsic culture of the meritorious programme.

  • No prior knowledge is needed to take the course.
  • We recommend that participants have previous knowledge of the following to maximize the course benefits.
  • This course is uniquely designed for students who possess an existing knowledge of, or experience in, Risk management. It provides an overview of the management systems approach and the requirements of ISO 31000.
  • It can be used as a foundation for those who have developed an insistent urge to complete an IRCA certified Lead auditor Risk management system auditor training courses.

Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 8hrs

Final Assessment - 20 mins.

Materials provided during the tenure of the course (video lectures, all-inclusive erudite articles and probing activities) are the essential ingredients absolutely compulsory to efficaciously achieve the certification Assessment

Key Session

Topic Duration
Module 1 - Introduction about ISO 31000:2018 and process approach 101 min
Module 2 - Risk Management System 64 min
Module 3 - Hazard & Risk Operability 64 min
Module 4 - Principles 40 min
Module 5 - FrameWork 52 min
Module 6 - Process 73 min
Module 7 - Risk Assessment 70 min
Final assessment 40 min
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