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ISO 13528:2015 Foundation Training

Traibcert Online Foundation Courses, Elementary Training, and Rudimentary Coaching are uniquely and specifically structured and designed to upgrade individual skills, improve intellectual minds to accumulate excessive knowledge and develop the respective standards essentially required to confidently encounter the competitive challenges that pragmatically exist within the peripheral margins of Multi-national corporates that encapsulate the giant organizations and empires of industry.

This course is wisely fabricated to cater to the needs of beginners/trainees/group training sessions for reputed establishments to enhance the quality and culture of modern-day knowledge. No prior knowledge is desired and no restrictions are obligatory to accomplish this course.

Instructor: Mr Kumaravel

Language: English

Validity Period: 180 days

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Course Objective

The well-thought-out training resources, structured agendas, planning and outlay materials that have been meticulously crafted, accurately fashioned and methodically presented, have been laboriously endorsed by qualified experts in the exclusive domain of advanced tertiary education.

The intended objective of both the tutors and educators is to pre-dominantly provide the authorized staff with the essential basic knowledge/experience in the ingenuity of ISO 13528 – LMS and to simultaneously generate an appropriate platform to execute the implementation process, empowering the staff who are bestowed with superior understanding of the management systems approach and the requirements of ISO 13528, consequently affording indispensable tools for teams/groups/panels preparing for implementation.


This course is basically formulated and applicable for beginners including group training in the organisation to cultivate the proficiency testing and subsequently incorporate the enduring culture of scholarly learning. No prior knowledge is needed to take the course. According to the administrative recommendation, the course should be successfully completed within a week, but there is an assurance that no time-limit restrictions are enforced.

Course Duration

The course duration is 8 hours and 20minutes.

Final assessment- the hallmark of the entire programme.

Materials provided during the tenure of the course (video lectures, holistic educational articles, and interrogative activities) are the essential ingredients absolutely mandatory to successfully accomplish the certification Assessment.

Key Session

Topic Duration
Module -1 Introduction to ISO 13528:2015 & its Historical background 47 mins
Module -2 General principles & Definitions 65 mins
Module -3 Guidelines of statistical design, testing items and results 85 min
Module -4 Determination of standard uncertainty & performance evaluation 135 mins
Module -5 calculation and graphical methods Management System Principles 105 mins
Final Assessment 20 mins
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